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Kamala Harris staffers allegedly 'terrified' she will become president




desipite appearances she does have some deep principles

every human being is of infinite worth deserving of compassion


but there was a caveat 


they're going on the record to explain


 had a sense of paranoia


when she was going to snap at you

employees were so stressed out that they were making themselves sick


was marinating in a toxic stew of toxic masculinity


Kamala Harris if that's what she's going by


dripping off of their pores


people without any grounding


they're really worriied about getting called out


to the right of Barry Goldwater


sit in the oval office


it would be funny to like bribe her pollster  to convince her

she could ride to national prominence


an attack on circumcision


impassioned speech


ball-busting cop



Democrats and the media praise Texas lawmakers for fleeing state

democrats rolling out the red carpet for Texas state legislators


they abandoned lone star state to block the gop's voting reform bill


state representative


do you have people reaching out to your office


the problem we had was counties making up and just interpreting election code basically however they wanted.


they didn't have the legal standing to do so




Tomi Lahren: What Cuba is showing us about 'Democratic socialism'


just to name a few


state leaders are stepping up to fill the void of administration


democrats have been treating Americans like we're inept


meantime outspoken democratic socialists pretty silent as communist Cuba cracks down mass protest


didn't really say much kind of went in a circle


they don't want to have to look themselves in the mirror


you can be dependent and beholden on government


I saw so many Cuban Americans really uplifting


whiny entitled celebrities


they use clever terminology like democratic socialism which in and of itself is an oxymron


the democrats need to take a look in the mirror and fess up to that




Morgan Ortagus sounds off on this ‘disgraceful’ Biden strategy

will they assume the mantle and act to nation build for themselves defend against talivan


I think the way that...  is pretty disgraceful


getting a peace deal with the taliban

drawing down our forces


we were assessing the counter terrorism


a residual counter-terrorism force


hasty embarrassing withdrawal


that may emanate out of Afghanistan


Afghanistan would never again be a safe haven for terrorists

you hit the nail on the head


which is essentially now a Chinese satellite state

obviously harbored the taliban


god forbid if there's another terrorist threat


taliban political delegation


they certainly reap the benefits 


this country that's in turmoil right now


pay more attention to Latin America writ large


a leader in the western hemispehre


washington examiner


erosion of democracy

to my knowledge president Biden still hasn't picked up the phone




'China is laughing all the way to the bank,' says Sen. Hagerty


fresh off his appearance at cpac


the BIden administration is opening the door to so many of the adversaries


showing strength and the fortitude of America


knee-jerk policies 


kowtowing to the WHO and refunding them


Nord stream 2


killing the keystone xl pipeline


they need America to be back at the fore


leading with America's interest at heart


RINO republicans should stop negotiating


they're going to use parliamentary tricks and something called reconciliation


shove through all of this radical social policy


under the guise of bipartsanship


I think that would put me in alignment with president Trump


put your finger on a wrod there


hold the line on the debt ceiling


do you anticipate conservatives republicans trying to amount to stand in three weeks

with regards to a debt ceiling


the congress took on debt in order to get us through a once-in-a-lifetime crisis


at least I hope that's the case



Lara Trump: CRT teaches us to 'judge people on the color of their skin'


Critical Race Theory


神戸学院法学第二六巻第一号 「批判的人種理論(Critical Race Theory)に関する覚書


we're commited to helping educators understand

diverse student populations

racial inclusivity


there are legislators mostly from republican party


anybody that thinks that critical race theory is positive is really jsut dead wrong


the bottom line is that anything would teach us  ...  solely is just flat wrong


first and foremost 

enough is enough


he doesn't believe that he should be misrepresenting gender to his students


everybody's viewpoint is looked into


by and large


hear about this decision that the judge made to reinstate him


FoxNews 2021/07/07 Liz Peek: Biden has nothing to do with US economic recovery



the author of that aforementioned op-ed


everything to do with the vaccine that started to roll out


the minute that they were allowed to go out their houses


for Joe Biden to compare himself to Ronald Regan


set off an entire decade of growth


that had really been in trouble for the prior decade


the extra unemployment benefit


incremental unemployment benefit


and also begun to spur inflation


we're talking inflaton now well above five percent in the country


those two things really can be ascribed to Biden's big rescue plan


republican governors did not have such a draconian approach


people were still allowed to go out and earn a living


it was quite intentional


money basically being funneled


taking a look at someting like that on top of everything we've leaned


blue state officials have leaned a lesson


the evidence on the ground


Kansas is barely a blue state for all intents and purposes